Public Holidays in Nigeria 2024: A Calendar of Celebrations

Public Holidays Checker - Nigeria 2024
Public Holidays Nigeria 2024

Public Holidays in Nigeria 2024

This table contains a national calendar of all 2024 public holidays in Nigeria. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates.

Public Holidays in Nigeria 2024
Date Holiday
January 01 Monday - New Year's Day
National Holiday
March 29 Friday - Good Friday
National Holiday
April 01 Monday - Easter Monday
National Holiday
April 10 Wednesday - Id el Fitri
National Holiday
April 11 Thursday - Id el Fitri Holiday
National Holiday
May 01 Wednesday - Labour Day
National Holiday
June 12 Wednesday - Democracy Day
National Holiday
June 16 Sunday - Id el Kabir
National Holiday
June 17 Monday - Id el Kabir Holiday
National Holiday
September 15 Sunday - Id el Maulud
National Holiday
October 01 Tuesday - National Day
National Holiday
December 25 Wednesday - Christmas Day
National Holiday
December 26 Thursday - Boxing Day
National Holiday

Note: This table is subject to changes. Check back regularly for updates.

Which are the public holidays in Nigeria?

January 01 (Monday): New Year's Day (National Holiday)

Kickstart the year with the celebration of New Year's Day! Discover how Nigerians usher in the new year with festivities and joy.

March 29 (Friday): Good Friday (National Holiday)

Explore the significance of Good Friday, a day marked by reflection and religious observances.

April 01 (Monday): Easter Monday (National Holiday)

Continue the Easter celebration with Easter Monday, a day filled with various cultural and religious activities.

April 10 (Wednesday): Id el Fitri (National Holiday)

Mark your calendar for Id el Fitri, a day of celebration and religious significance.

April 11 (Thursday): Id el Fitri Holiday (National Holiday)

Extend the joy of Id el Fitri with this additional holiday, allowing for more time to partake in festivities.

May 01 (Wednesday): Labour Day (National Holiday)

Celebrate the contributions of workers on Labour Day with various events and activities.

June 12 (Wednesday): Democracy Day (National Holiday)

Reflect on Nigeria's journey towards democracy on this significant day, marked by various national events.

June 16 (Sunday): Id el Kabir (National Holiday)

Explore the Feast of the Sacrifice, celebrated on Id el Kabir, as communities come together for this important religious occasion.

June 17 (Monday): Id el Kabir Holiday (National Holiday)

Continue the celebration of Id el Kabir with this additional holiday, allowing for extended festivities.

September 15 (Sunday): Id el Maulud (National Holiday)

Mark the birth of the Prophet Muhammad on Id el Maulud, a day of spiritual reflection and celebration.

October 01 (Tuesday): National Day (National Holiday)

Celebrate Nigeria's National Day on October 1st, marking the country's unity and pride.

December 25 (Wednesday): Christmas Day (National Holiday)

Experience the joy and festivities of Christmas Day, a national holiday celebrated with various traditions across Nigeria.

December 26 (Thursday): Boxing Day (National Holiday)

Explore the cultural observances of Boxing Day, a day of goodwill and giving celebrated across the nation.