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Our integrated approach of business listing’s promote your services and your brand and get you ranking on search engine results pages.

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Elevate your business exposure and improve your company's standing on Business Connect and in the eyes of customers with this option. Display your product images and services on the Business Connect homepage, ensuring top placement on search and category pages.

75,000.00 Plus ₦0.00 / year Per Listing

  • Listing as featured
  • Category (Maximum of 20)
  • Images (Maximum of 100)
  • Booking Included
  • Live Chat Included



Promote your products and services in photos and show your company on top of your competitors in category pages. Your company also become accessible for customers.

15,000.00 Plus ₦0.00 / year Per Listing

  • Listing as featured
  • Category (Maximum of 10)
  • Images (Maximum of 15)
  • Booking Included
  • Live Chat Included


Create your company profile with necessary information on Business Connect. Be visible on Google

3,500.00 Plus ₦0.00 / year Per Listing

  • Listing as featured
  • Category (Maximum of 6)
  • Images (Maximum of 4)

Questions & Answers

Will my business show up on Google?

As we are not partnered with any search engines, we cannot guarantee that you will appear in the top search engine results but we are 80% sure you will be found on Google. If not, you can contact one of our SEO experts to help

Will my listing appear on your other websites?

As your listing is country specific it will only appear on that directory on our website

What does a Standard/ Lifetime listing mean?

Standard/Lifetime listings are published at the top of our search results and categories. 

Can I delete a bad review?

Unfortunately, deleting business reviews directly isn’t supported on this platform. However, if you encounter a review that violates our content guidelines or is unfair, we encourage you to contact our “Help & Support” team. They will evaluate your request and take appropriate action if necessary

Why choose Website ?

Business Connect is a business led online directory that started life as a small, local directory in the Lagos Nigeria. Based around the principles of search engine optimization.

Our Core Values;

  • Help every business succeed
  • Help you rank well in the SERPs
  • To help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily
  • Give your users as much information as possible
  • Always be on hand
  • Identify new opportunities for you and your audience